Widex Moment Hearing Aids Win HearAdvisor Expert Choice Awards

Widex USA Inc. has proudly announced that its Widex Moment hearing aids have received recognition as winners in the inaugural HearAdvisor Expert Choice Awards. Among the 46 evaluated hearing devices, Widex Moment was selected as one of the eleven victors. The award-winning hearing aid is celebrated for its remarkably fast sound processing capabilities, effectively eliminating artificial sounds while enhancing speech discernment and the localization of sounds in the wearer’s environment.

Widex Moment hearing aid.

Widex Moment, A Gamechanger in Hearing Technology

For many years, hearing aids have sounded like, well, hearing aids. But with the advent of Widex Moment, this perception has changed drastically. The engineering team at Widex USA worked tirelessly to virtually eliminate sound processing delays, allowing users to experience natural and real-life sounds without the tinny or artificial quality often associated with hearing aids. Dana Helmink, Senior Director of Audiology and Clinical Education at Widex USA, emphasized that Widex Moment is a true game-changer, providing wearers with a genuinely immersive hearing experience.

PureSound Technology for a Natural Experience

Widex Moment employs advanced PureSound technology, which delivers pure, undistorted, and natural sounds, fostering better connections with the world. The traditional process of converting analog sound waves into digital signals and then re-converting them into audible sound typically takes several milliseconds, resulting in potential sound quality issues. However, Widex PureSound with ZeroDelay drastically reduces the processing delay in Widex Moment hearing aids to less than 0.5 milliseconds. This remarkable feat ensures clearer and more natural sound reproduction.

Seamless Connectivity

Widex Moment hearing aids are fully compatible with both iPhone and Android devices, offering users the convenience of streaming music, podcasts, calls, and other content directly to their hearing aids without the need for additional accessories. The Widex Moment app provides wearers with control over various features and functionalities, including personalized sound settings through MySound, the calming fractal tones of Widex SoundRelax, and valuable tips and advice via My Guide.

Accolades and Recognition

The HearAdvisor Expert Choice Awards, organized by HearAdvisor.com, honor hearing aid manufacturers that significantly improve lives through their exceptional products. Devices undergo rigorous testing in the HearAdvisor lab, ensuring that only the best receive recognition. Widex Moment has been consistently lauded for its innovative technology. At CES 2021, the flagship technology was named a CES Innovation Awards Honoree in Health & Wellness and Wearable Technologies categories. Digital Trends, a renowned consumer technology publication, also recognized the hearing aids as a Tech for Change Award winner for their potential to make a positive impact on the world.

Furthermore, the Widex Moment app received an Innovation Awards Honoree title at CES 2023, and Widex My Sound was acknowledged as a winner in the 2023 Hearing Technology Innovator Awards, an international program designed to celebrate innovation within the hearing industry.

HearAdvisor & Widex Moment Conclusion

Widex Moment hearing aids have set a new standard in the hearing aid industry, offering wearers a transformative and natural auditory experience. The recognition and accolades they have received are a testament to the dedication and hard work of the Widex USA team in creating exceptional products that improve the lives of countless individuals with hearing impairments.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What sets Widex Moment hearing aids apart from others?

Widex Moment hearing aids are distinguished by their incredibly fast sound processing capabilities, resulting in a natural and immersive hearing experience devoid of artificial sounds.

Are Widex Moment hearing aids compatible with smartphones?

Yes, Widex Moment hearing aids are fully compatible with both iPhone and Android devices, allowing users to stream various audio content directly to their hearing aids.

How does PureSound technology work in Widex Moment hearing aids?

PureSound technology in Widex Moment delivers pure, undistorted, and natural sounds, creating a more authentic connection with the wearer’s surroundings.

Can I customize the sound settings on Widex Moment hearing aids?

Absolutely! The Widex Moment app provides wearers with full control over a wide range of features, including personalized sound settings through MySound.

What accolades has Widex Moment received?

Widex Moment has been recognized with several prestigious awards, including the CES Innovation Awards and Tech for Change Award, among others.

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