A Revolution in Corporate Governance: GN Group’s Transition to “One Company”

In the realm of corporate restructuring and strategic evolution, two compelling forces – “perplexity” and “burstiness” – often emerge as central players. The former reflects the intricacy of the transformation, while the latter signifies the diversity in its execution. As we delve into the narrative of GN Group, a prominent global provider of intelligent audio and hearing solutions, we witness a remarkable shift in their corporate landscape, exemplifying these principles in action.

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The Genesis of Change at GN

On the fateful day of September 21, 2023, the GN Group unveiled a momentous decision. Their board of directors orchestrated a seamless transition, forging the path toward a unified corporate entity. This pivotal move aimed to streamline GN Group’s governance structure, fostering enhanced market success and shareholder value creation. A transformation of monumental proportions was underway, encompassing the amalgamation of GN Hearing and GN Audio into one harmonious company, orchestrated by a singular Board, a solitary Group CEO, and a lone Group CFO.

The Symphony of Collaboration

In recent years, GN has been weaving a tapestry of collaboration and integration, weaving together the threads of its two distinct business divisions – GN Hearing and GN Audio. This strategic maneuver was not merely an organizational spectacle but a calculated effort to harness the synergy of combined scale, thereby catalyzing growth and profitability. The narrative began to unfold, revealing the undercurrents of a corporate symphony that celebrated unity in diversity.

The Visionary Chair’s Perspective

Chair of the Board, Jukka Pertola, painted a vivid picture of the impending transformation. He asserted, “The time has come to further align into one company.” This declaration marked the inception of an era characterized by streamlined governance and fortified operational efficacy. With unwavering optimism, Pertola emphasized the plethora of opportunities that lay ahead. He bestowed his vote of confidence upon Peter Karlstromer, who had embraced the mantle of Group CEO. The torchbearer of this audacious endeavor, Karlstromer embodied the vision of a customer-centric organization committed to delivering innovation to its patrons and partners.

A Pioneering Appointment

In the corridors of corporate realignment, Peter Karlstromer emerged as the chosen one, bestowed with the responsibility of shaping the future. As Group CEO, he would not only steer the ship but also mold the executive leadership team. The blueprint for the new organizational structure of GN would bear the indelible mark of his visionary leadership.

Karlstromer shared his enthusiasm, remarking, “I am proud to take on the role as Group CEO.” His pride stemmed not from personal ambition but from the conviction that GN was poised for greatness. He envisioned an organization that celebrated its employees, attracting the best talents the future had to offer. Karlstromer firmly believed that the “One GN” paradigm would catalyze success and amplify shareholder value creation.

Farewell to an Era

In the midst of transformation, farewells often punctuate the narrative. Gitte Aabo, the visionary leader who had helmed GN Store Nord and GN Hearing, announced her departure from executive roles. Her decision to embark on a full-time board career marked the closing of a chapter. As Peter Karlstromer and Group CFO Søren Jelert assumed the reins of executive management, GN embarked on a voyage into uncharted territory.

The Dawn of Change

The clock was ticking, and the changes were slated to come into effect on October 1, 2023. Gitte Aabo remained committed to ensuring a seamless transition, honoring her legacy. Her words resonated with a sense of accomplishment, “Four years ago, we set out to modernize hearing care and enable everybody to find a hearing solution that fits their lifestyle.” Her pride was palpable, reflecting on the journey that had brought innovative products to the market. She embraced the future with open arms, confident that GN’s transition to “one company” was not only right but necessary.


In this corporate saga, the elements of perplexity and burstiness have woven a narrative that transcends traditional boundaries. GN Group’s audacious transformation into “One GN” embodies the spirit of unity and innovation. As we bid adieu to the old and embrace the new, the future promises to be a symphony of success, resonating with shareholder value and customer satisfaction.


GN-owned brands that are responsible for bringing these technologies to life:

  • Medical grade hearing technology: ReSound, Jabra, Beltone, Interton, Danavox
  • Professional collaboration: Jabra, BlueParrott, FalCom
  • Gaming, calls and media: SteelSeries, Jabra

Founded in 1869, GN Group employs more than 7,500 people and is listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen (GN.CO). GN’s solutions are sold in 100 countries across the world.

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