Phonak Expands Lumity Hearing Aid Portfolio

Phonak, a global leader in providing hearing solutions, has recently made significant additions to its Lumity hearing aid platform, thereby enhancing its ability to cater to a wider range of hearing requirements. This expansion is particularly aimed at serving kids, teenagers, and adults with severe-to-profound hearing loss, as well as individuals with unaidable hearing loss in one ear.

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 In this article, we’ll explore the new offerings in Phonak’s Lumity range and the innovative technologies they incorporate to improve the lives of those with hearing challenges.

Phonak Sky Lumity: Catering to the Youngest Generation

Prioritizing Speech Understanding

Children often find themselves in noisy environments, and Phonak acknowledges this reality. The new Sky Lumity (L) hearing aids are designed with enhanced technology specifically tailored for kids. These aids prioritize speech understanding in noise, allowing children to engage effortlessly with their surroundings, whether they are close together or on the move.

Roger Technology: A Speech Enhancement Marvel

Phonak’s intelligent wireless technology, Roger, plays a crucial role in enhancing speech understanding for children. When used alongside Sky Lumity hearing aids, Roger transmits speech directly to the aids and cochlear implants, effectively overcoming distance and noise. This combination results in a remarkable 34% improvement in speech understanding compared to using hearing aids alone, enabling access to an additional 5,300 words per day.

Empowering Through Technology

Sky Lumity hearing aids are compatible with myPhonak Junior, a dedicated pediatric app. This app empowers kids by giving them control over their hearing aids, fostering a sense of ownership and connection to their devices. Parents can also use the app to monitor wearing time, schedule remote consultations with hearing care professionals, and set parental controls.

Phonak Naída Lumity: Prioritizing Speech Understanding


Harnessing AI for Improved Listening

The Naída Lumity (L) hearing aids incorporate cutting-edge features designed to prioritize speech understanding. These aids are powered by AutoSense OS 5.0, Phonak’s most advanced operating system yet. Utilizing AI-based machine learning, the aids continuously analyze the environment 700 times per second, adapting to the wearer’s unique listening environment.

Enhanced Group Communication

Paired with Roger technology, Naída Lumity provides users with an enhanced listening experience, particularly in challenging group communication scenarios. This technology significantly improves the ability to engage in conversations even when surrounded by noise.

Phonak CROS Lumity: Innovative Solution for One-Sided Hearing Loss


Addressing Unaidable Hearing Loss

For individuals with unaidable hearing loss in one ear, Phonak introduces CROS Lumity (L) hearing aids. These aids wirelessly transmit voices and sound from the unaidable ear to a compatible hearing aid on the other side. This innovative solution enhances situational awareness, improves speech understanding, and is also compatible with Roger for improved hearing over distance and noise.

Personalized Control

CROS L-R can be personalized using both the myPhonak and myPhonak Junior apps, providing users with control over their hearing experience.

Diverse Customization Options


A Splash of Color

Phonak has taken consumer feedback to heart and now offers a wider array of color options. Sky L hearing aids are available in 14 different colors. Additionally, Audéo L, LR, and Life models can be chosen in three exciting new colors: Electric Green, Caribbean Pirate, and Precious Pink.

Slim Options for Every Level

Phonak Slim, previously available in levels 90 and 70, now comes in levels 50 and 30. This expansion ensures that users have a wide range of options to suit their preferences and needs.


Phonak’s expansion of its Lumity hearing aid portfolio marks a significant step forward in addressing diverse hearing needs. The inclusion of Sky, Naída, and CROS hearing aids, coupled with innovative technologies like Roger and AI-based machine learning, demonstrates Phonak’s commitment to enhancing the lives of individuals with hearing challenges. The ability to engage in conversations, connect with loved ones, and experience the world more fully becomes a reality through these advancements.


  1. Who can benefit from Phonak’s Lumity hearing aids? Individuals of all ages with various levels of hearing loss can benefit from the technology offered by Phonak’s Lumity hearing aids.

  2. What is Roger technology and how does it work? Roger technology is an intelligent wireless system that transmits speech directly to hearing aids and cochlear implants, overcoming distance and noise to enhance speech understanding.

  3. Can children control their Sky Lumity hearing aids? Yes, Sky Lumity hearing aids are compatible with the myPhonak Junior app, empowering children to have control over their devices and fostering a sense of ownership.

  4. How does Naída Lumity adapt to different listening environments? Naída Lumity utilizes AutoSense OS 5.0, an advanced operating system powered by AI-based machine learning, which continuously analyzes the environment and adapts to the wearer’s unique listening situation.

  5. What benefits does CROS Lumity offer for individuals with one-sided hearing loss? CROS Lumity hearing aids wirelessly transmit sounds from the unaidable ear to the other side, enhancing situational awareness, speech understanding, and compatibility with Roger technology.

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