ReSound M&RIE Receiver: Embracing the Sounds of Nature

In the world of hearing aid technology, ReSound continues to push the boundaries by drawing inspiration from nature itself. Their innovative M&RIE (Microphone & Receiver-In-Ear) design offers an exceptional hearing aid experience that captures the truest sense of space and delivers sound as nature intended. This article delves into the benefits and features of the ReSound M&RIE Receiver, an unparalleled hearing aid that brings the beauty of natural sound to its users.

Embracing Nature's Sound

The ReSound M&RIE Receiver revolutionizes the hearing aid industry by using the unique shape of each individual’s ear to collect sound just as nature intended.

By combining the advantages of custom products with the convenience of an RIE (Receiver-In-Ear) model, users are treated to an immersive and individualized hearing experience with unparalleled depth and direction.

ReSound Omnia Hearing Aid with M&RIE Receiver.

At the heart of M&RIE is a third microphone placed within the ear canal as part of the receiver module. This integration preserves the sound-filtering properties of the user’s own anatomy, allowing the brain to process sound naturally and unaltered. The result is an exceptional listening experience that redefines the way users perceive sound in their daily lives.

Benefits of the M&RIE Receiver

Improved Localization and Spatial Hearing

M&RIE takes advantage of the spatial hearing cues inherent in every individual’s ear anatomy. By presenting the brain with spatially encoded information in the expected format, users benefit from better localization and an improved sense of direction from which sounds emanate. This enhanced spatial hearing capability enables users to navigate their environment more effectively, leading to increased confidence and a greater sense of security.

Enhanced Sound Quality

The integration of the third microphone within the ear canal results in superior sound quality compared to traditional pinna compensation algorithms. The natural filtering properties of the user’s ear shape ensure that sound is received in its purest form, producing a rich and authentic auditory experience. With M&RIE, users can enjoy the subtleties of their surroundings with astonishing clarity.

Binaural Processing Advantages

With microphones placed on the Over-The-Ear device, M&RIE enables full binaural processing by the brain. This process leads to various benefits, including improved signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), better estimation of sound direction, enhanced depth and distance perception, and seamless synergy between the auditory and visual systems. As a result, users enjoy a truly natural listening experience that effortlessly complements their overall sensory perception.

ReSound's Organic Hearing Philosophy

ReSound’s commitment to organic hearing lies at the core of their technological advancements. They have consistently looked to nature to inspire innovations in hearing aids, and the M&RIE Receiver is a testament to this philosophy.

The journey began with WDRC (Wide Dynamic Range Compression), which emulated the frequency-dependent compressive nonlinearity of the cochlea. ReSound then introduced the open fit, which combined direct acoustic sound with high-fidelity amplified sound in a comfortable and nearly invisible package. This breakthrough paved the way for today’s popular RIE styles.

ReSound ONE, the latest marvel in their lineup, continues to leverage the power of nature by personalizing sound based on the individual wearer’s unique ear shape. Now, with M&RIE, ReSound incorporates an in-ear microphone to deliver sound directly to each user’s ear, further enhancing the organic hearing experience.

Evidence Supporting M&RIE

Technical measurements of the ReSound M&RIE Receiver reveal that its in-ear location provides filtering properties that are nearly identical to those of the open ear. This preservation of natural filtering ensures that sound reaches the user’s brain just as nature intended, resulting in a seamless and authentic listening encounter.


The ReSound M&RIE Receiver is a game-changer in the world of hearing aid technology. By embracing the unique shape of each user’s ear and delivering sound in the most natural way possible, it provides an unparalleled auditory experience. Users can expect improved localization, enhanced sound quality, and the joy of hearing their surroundings as nature intended.

The M&RIE’s integration of binaural processing and ReSound’s commitment to organic hearing make it a top choice for those seeking an immersive and authentic listening experience. With ReSound’s ongoing dedication to innovation, it’s clear that the future of hearing aid technology will continue to be inspired by the wonders of nature.

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