GN Hearing Divests BelAudição to MCH Private Equity

In a recent development, GN Hearing has signed an agreement to divest Portuguese hearing aid retailer BelAudição, Unipessoal Lda (“BelAudição”) to MCH Private Equity.

This strategic move aims to strengthen both companies’ positions in the market while driving growth and innovation.


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With the divestment, GN Hearing reaffirms its commitment to its successful strategy of not owning retail and instead focuses on being a key supplier to independent hearing aid dispensers.

The divestment of BelAudição marks an important step in both companies’ growth journeys. BelAudição, the owner of AudiçãoAtiva, Portugal’s leading retailer of hearing aid solutions, has demonstrated impressive revenue growth and has become a high-performing hearing care retailer.

The Acquisition of BelAudição

In 2022, GN Hearing acquired BelAudição, a long-time customer, to facilitate a generational transition. The acquisition was a strategic move to ensure a smooth transition of ownership and maintain it’s status as a key supplier of hearing aids to the business.

GN Hearing’s Commitment to BelAudição

GN remains fully committed to supporting BelAudição and hearing aid users in Portugal. As a key supplier of leading hearing aid technology, GN Hearing recognizes BelAudição’s growth potential and aims to provide the necessary backing for the execution of its ambitious growth plans.

MCH Private Equity: A Strategic Investor

MCH Private Equity is an independent private equity firm with a focus on investing in companies with high potential in attractive sectors. Based on the Iberian Peninsula, MCH specializes in supporting mid-sized businesses through transformation processes, including ownership transitions and internationalization.

The Benefits of the Divestment

The agreement between GN Hearing and MCH Private Equity offers several benefits to both parties involved. BelAudição gains a new strong owner with MCH’s expertise and local presence, providing the necessary resources to execute their growth plans. The divestment aligns with their strategy of not owning retail while ensuring a continued partnership with BelAudição as a key hearing aid technology supplier.

Execution of GN’s Capital Plan

This divestment plays a crucial role in GN Hearing’s capital plan. It strengthens the company’s capital structure and creates opportunities for further growth and innovation. By focusing on its core competencies and strategic partnerships, GN Hearing can continue to drive advancements in hearing aid technology.

Alantra’s Role as Exclusive Financial Advisor

GN Hearing has enlisted Alantra as its exclusive financial advisor for the transaction. Alantra’s expertise in financial advisory services ensures a smooth and efficient divestment process, supporting GN Hearing in achieving its strategic objectives.

Legal Counsels: VdA and UMPC

Vieira de Almeida (VdA) and Uría Menéndez-Proença de Carvalho (UMPC) are serving as legal counsels to GN and MCH, respectively. These reputable legal firms provide valuable guidance and support throughout the divestment process, ensuring compliance with all legal requirements.


The divestment of BelAudição to MCH Private Equity signifies a significant milestone for both GN Hearing and BelAudição. It strengthens GN Hearing’s commitment to its core strategy and capital plan while providing BelAudição with a new strong owner to accelerate its growth. The partnership between GN Hearing, MCH Private Equity, and BelAudição paves the way for enhanced innovation and advancements in the hearing aid industry.


Q1. What is the purpose of the divestment of BelAudição by GN Hearing?

The divestment aligns with GN Hearing’s strategy of not owning retail and allows them to focus on being a key supplier of hearing aids to independent dispensers while supporting BelAudição’s growth under new ownership.

Q2. Who is MCH Private Equity?

MCH Private Equity is an independent private equity firm based in the Iberian Peninsula. They specialize in investing in companies with high potential and supporting their transformation processes.

Q3. What benefits does the divestment offer to BelAudição and GN Hearing?

The divestment provides BelAudição with a new strong owner, MCH Private Equity, who brings expertise and resources to support BelAudição’s growth plans. GN Hearing can focus on its core competencies and strategic partnerships while maintaining its role as a key supplier to BelAudição.

Q4. How does this divestment contribute to GN Hearing’s capital plan?

The divestment strengthens GN Hearing’s capital structure, supporting its capital plan for further growth and innovation in the hearing aid industry.

Q5. Who are the legal counsels involved in the divestment?

Vieira de Almeida (VdA) is serving as the legal counsel to GN, while Uría Menéndez-Proença de Carvalho (UMPC) is serving as the legal counsel to MCH.

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