Gen Z Has More Negative Perceptions of Hearing Aids

Gen Z Has More Negative Perceptions of Hearing Aids

Generational Gap in Hearing Aid Perceptions

A recent survey of 1,508 individuals highlighted the negative perception of younger Gen Z generations harbors towards hearing aids, in comparison to their older counterparts. This research was conducted with the aim to challenge the stigma and misconceptions surrounding hearing loss.

Michele Dostaler, AuD noted that such false stigmas often delay individuals from seeking help for their hearing issues which can adversely affect not only their auditory health but also emotional and cognitive wellbeing.

The study further revealed a generational gap in openness about discussing hearing problems. While 42% of Gen Z respondents (18-26 years) felt comfortable discussing these issues with family and close friends only, just 17% among Boomers (59+ years) showed similar reservations. 

Dostaler emphasized how crucial it is to comprehend that any age group can be affected by hearing problems and they should be treated seriously as health concerns.

Key findings of this survey included:


Men’s perception of wearing a hearing aid being associated with vulnerability or impairment stood at 31%, compared to women’s 19%.

A significant portion (40%) of Gen Z believed that using a hearing aid could negatively impact job prospects versus just 14% among Boomers sharing this view.

The notion that using a hearing aid makes people look impaired/vulnerable was held by 38% of Gen Z participants compared to Boomers’15%.

About one-third (34%) of Gen Z thought the use of such devices aged people prematurely versus Boomer belief of 18%. 

Moreover, one-fourth (25%) vs. merely 6% among Boomers perceived that wearing aids lessened authority.

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